Francesca Orlando

Concert Pianist | Teacher | Language Coach | Workshop Leader

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Concert Pianist

Francesca is an Italian Concert Pianist based in Vienna performing internationally across Europe as Soloist, Chamber Musician and Accompanist.

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Piano Teacher

Since 2019, Francesca works as Piano Professor of King’s College London, teaching piano and advanced performance studies to KCL undergraduate students.

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Italian Language Coach

As ‘Italian Language Vocal Coach’ of the Royal Academy of Music, Francesca coaches undergraduate and masters singers on Italian pronunciation, phonetics, translation and interpretation.

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Outreach Projects

A passionate advocate for quality music education and in making classical music more accessible within the community.

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``The standout feature of the Bach was the elegance of the playing. It really won me over. Taughtly executed, lyrical… and just an inescapable sense that it belonged on the instrument in the space in which we were hearing it. Wonderful`` - Richard Powell, British Organist


"During the two years I had Francesca as a teacher I saw my technique improve immensely thanks to her insightful tips and vast knowledge, to the point where I was able to take on challenging repertoire that would have been out of my reach before. She helped me develop healthier practice habits and a clearer sense of artistic direction that improved my playing significantly. Her lessons were designed to target my weaker points and get me to address the gaps in my technique while still placing expression and artistry at the centre of the process."

Francisca Naranjo, King’s College London graduate student

"Francesca is superb - she is thorough in her approach, works in detail, and has a forensic ear. She brings the language to the music and vice versa, and won over the chorus with her clarity of delivery, gentle persistence and sense of humour."

Neil Ferris, Director, BBC Symphony Chorus

"Francesca touches her audience with poetry and sincerity"

Nicholas Walker, Concert Pianist, professor of the Royal Academy of Music

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