Francesca is a dedicated and devoted piano teacher, with experience teaching school children as well as more advanced performers at undergraduate level. Since 2018, she has held a teaching position at KCL University London where she teaches piano to undergraduate students in the performance department. In addition she has taught children ranging from beginner to advanced level in Badminton School, Bristol and The Laurels School, London. Francesca received her LRAM Teaching diploma at the Royal Academy of Music, studying under the internationally renowned educationalist, Paul Harris.

"I have always enjoyed my music lessons with Francesca as she is an extremely kind and warm person. She was very supportive during my time with her and one of my favourite things I got out of her lessons was that she not only taught me how to play a piece on the piano but how to convey emotion through it. By showing me the importance of knowing when to play notes at different volumes and lengths I was able to improve my piano playing greatly."

Olivia Contreras, Grade 5 student

"During the two years I had Francesca as a teacher I saw my technique improve immensely thanks to her insightful tips and vast knowledge, to the point where I was able to take on challenging repertoire that would have been out of my reach before. She helped me develop healthier practice habits and a clearer sense of artistic direction that improved my playing significantly. Her lessons were designed to target my weaker points and get me to address the gaps in my technique while still placing expression and artistry at the centre of the process."

Francisca Naranjo, King’s College London graduate student

"I have absolutely treasured my piano lessons for the past two years with Francesca. Her passion and commitment in every lesson really enhanced my love for the piano. In my final year of university, Francesca helped me achieve my goal of learning Chopin’s fourth ballade. I’m extremely grateful for my time with Francesca as in making me a more confident pianist I am also an overall more confident person. I highly recommend Francesca as a teacher."

Eloise Ng, King’s College London graduate student

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